The AQUIOS CL is the first true Load & Go flow cytometer, combining sample preparation and analysis in one platform while optimizing the usage of limited laboratory space. With the intuitive technology that requires less training it increases productivity while reducing error-prone steps.

  • Improve handling of potentially biohazardous sample material through cap piercing
  • Increase productivity with high-throughput performance
  • Enable full traceability through barcoded reagents and LIS connectivity
  • Benefit from a Windows 10 operating system

Automate Your Workflow

True load and go workflow automation on the AQUIOS CL allows you to run standardized IVD cleared assays for lymphocyte subset analysis. ADS 2.0 additionally allows the usage of customized reagents to automate user defined test.

AQUIOS Tetra Reagents

AQUIOS Tetra-1

With the AQUIOS Tetra Reagents you have an intuitive lymphocyte subset analysis. Running the analysis on the single platform technology of the AQUIOS CL allows the simultaneous identification and enumeration of T, B, and NK lymphocytes without the need for counting beads.



Using Pan Leukogating on the AQUIOS, the CD4 absolute count is directly derived from the fluorospheres run with the assay in a single platform. It only uses two antibodies while providing better population seperation.

AQUIOS Designer Software

AQUIOS Designer Software for AQUIOS CL

The AQUIOS Designer Software allows you to combine your user-defined assays with the Load & Go automation features of the AQUIOS CL. You can create user-defined tests, adapt sample preparation to your specific needs as well as implementing user-defined control material.


PRODUCT AVAILABILITY AND REGULATORY STATUS DEPENDS ON COUNTRY REGISTRATION PER APPLICABLE REGULATIONS. To check if the product is available in your country, please contact your local sales representative or create a request.

AQUIOS CL Workflow

AQUIOS CL Workflow

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